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The Project Monitoring Implementation Committee (PMIC) of Jewar Airport suggested for 5 New Runways

Jewar Airport will be fully operational by 2023 and it is at present having two runways. But the PMIC key committee i.e. Project Monitoring Implementation Committee recommended that Western Uttar Pradesh’s Jewar Airport i.e. in the name of Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) can now have up to 5 runways.  On Thursday, the Chief Secretary, Rajendra Kumar Tiwari attended the meeting held by PMIC at LokBhavan, Lucknow. Arun Veer Singh, an important member & chief executive officer of the Uttar Pradesh airport NIAL i.e. Noida International Airport Limited and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) explained the possibility of expanding the number of runways and estimated the cost up to Rs.29,560 crore for the project.  After a thorough evaluation of the airport, the PMIC has finally concluded and recommended that only 5 runways can be made at the Jewar’s NIAL i.e. Noida International Airport Limited. This news was given by the senior government official to the PTI. And these suggestions for the expansion of runways in Jewar’s NIAL will be further submitted to the State Cabinet for its final decision. And the meeting of the state cabinet will be held in the last weeks of this month.  The project for the development of the Jewar’s NIAL has been given to the well known Swiss firm Zurich Airport International AG. Plus, the first phase of NIAL will go functional by 2023 and it will have 2 runways, as per the official. As per the statement of the airport authority officials, in the airport’s development stage i.e. the first phase, 1,365 hectares of the land shall be taken for the development of the 3rd runway. For the first phase of 2 runways, 1,334 hectares have already been taken. And for phase 2, a total of 3,418 hectares of land be will needed for the development of 3 runways.  The 5 runways in Jewar’s NIAL are expected to comprise of total 4,752 hectares of land. The first portion of the airport having the initial segment will cover 1,365 hectares, then the next segment will cover 1,318 hectares and the last segment will cover 735 hectares of land.

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